June 20, 2024

Cadet College Noshki

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The College has its own hospital. If any cadet feels sick, he will have proper treatment by a qualified doctor and competent staff. In addition to the general treatment, the cadets are given preliminary vaccines against typhoid, cholera, tetanus and hepatitis-B. If necessary, the cadet may be referred to concerned specialists for further treatment. The expenses for such consultation / treatment are to be borne by parents.

Jinnah House

Cadet College Noshki is a fully residential institution. All cadets live in the college. Cadets of an entry are divided and accommodated equally in each of two Houses. Each House is under the charge of a House Master (HM).

There are certain appointments from senior cadets of each House, called a House Prefect and Assistant House Prefect. They organize House activities and prepare their House for the Inter House Competitions.

Each House has an anteroom where cadets relax and enjoy homely atmosphere, take pleasure in reading magazines and newspapers. Arrangements are available for indoor games and recreations. The cadets are trained in the virtues of team spirit, self-confidence and a high sense of responsibility. They grow up as useful citizens to enjoy a purposeful life. They learn to respect the authority of seniors and in turn when they are entrusted with responsibility, they know how to discharge it with reverence.



It consists of a big hall with the capacity of about 400 cadets to dine at a time. The college mess has its own bakery to provide the fresh bakery items.

The mess works under the supervision of Mess Committee headed by a senior faculty member (President Mess Committee) who is further assisted by a messing officer and a storekeeper with other staff like; chief cook, head cook, cooks, bearers, masalchies and helpers. Best possible food and milk is being provided.