May 22, 2024

Cadet College Noshki

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Lt Col Muhammad Akram

Principal's Message

It is with a profound sense of honor and privilege that I assume the esteemed position of Principal at Cadet College Noshki. The establishment of a network of Cadet Colleges across the region of Balochistan stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Government of Balochistan and the Pakistan Army. This concerted initiative is directed towards the noble goal of elevating the educational standards within the province.

The pivotal mission of our institution is to mold and nurture the forthcoming generations, imbuing them with the necessary skills and values to take on leadership roles in both the civilian and military domains. Our commitment extends far beyond the confines of traditional academic instruction; we are dedicated to providing our cadets with a holistic and comprehensive program for the refinement and development of their mental, physical, and psychological faculties.

At Cadet College Noshki, we offer not only a rigorous academic curriculum but also a unique opportunity for a comprehensive personality development program. This program seeks to refine every aspect of our cadets’ characters, ensuring they emerge as well-rounded individuals capable of contributing meaningfully to society.


Cadet Colleges have been established with an aim to uplift and steer the standard of education in the province and to survive in the hyper competitive era. Cadet College Noshki being a part of that pivotal policy was established with a focus on principle of learning and transfer of training to the young cadets. The college is located on Quetta – Taftan national highway 7 km away from Noshki city at district Noshki.

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