May 22, 2024

Cadet College Noshki

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“To foster the holistic development of young minds by providing a structured educational environment that emphasizes academic excellence, character building, leadership development and physical fitness; to exhibit unwavering moral values with a commitment to serve the nation.”


Cadet College Noshki has a vision:

  • To cater for students from all social classes to take part in excelling to become the pioneers of a healthy and prosperous nation in future.
  • To provide a conducive environment where students are irresistibly exposed to curiosity and learning.
  • To develop positive attitude helpful to produce keen observers, thinkers and visionary leaders.
  • To inculcate a sense of multiculturalism and diversity among students to meet the growing demands of globalization.


Cadet means the young person who is under training to become an officer in armed forces, therefore, this

college aims at:

  • Training them to attain the qualities of head and heart which can facilitate them to join the armed forces.
  • To design an inclusive curriculum that sparks innovation and creativity in the minds of cadets which in turn hones their 

       power of reasoning.

  • Over all grooming of the cadets to equip them to perform their duties justly and skillfully in private and public sectors,

       during peace and war.

  • Ultimately, to produce future leadership which is physically fit, mentally alert, morally upright and imbued with national spirit to serve the motherland Pakistan, devotedly and selflessly.


Our decisive objectives are:

To provide professional development and constant supervision to the cadets and to help them find meaning in their lives and curriculum.

To uplift the infrastructure of college including laboratories, auditorium, play grounds, hostels, library etc.

To raise the standard of the institution and to bring it at par with the other established educational institutions of the country.